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  • “What a blessing it was Pastor Daniel to have you ministering to us on Sunday morning. Pastor Daniel, we all felt God’s Holy Spirit stirring the Church as you delivered your message on God’s love and how we can demonstrate that love to others. Hearts were softened and attitudes changed not only through your words, but through a sense of God’s love for us radiating through you Pastor Dan. Your prophetic words over a number of the members of our church were spot on and timely – we were uplifted and affirmed – praise God. Thank you also for the time we we able to spend together, Pastor to Pastor, sharing and discussing on a personal level on Sunday afternoon – your wisdom, insight and support has encouraged me greatly. Our sincere thanks for making the effort to come all the way to our “out of the way” fellowship to minister to our needs – we are so thankful and blessed.”

    Pastor Doug Thomas

    Normanton, Queensland
  • “Daniel visited us on two occasions in August. He preached at the morning service then spent a number of hours speaking to the leadership. The sermon was effective in bringing clarity to the church, and helped the leaders understand the complex problems surrounding the future. He returned and spent a numbers of hours in face to face pastoring of some of the key leaders, allowing them to be released of heavy burdens through careful searching of the Scriptures that helped realign attitudes. All this was done in a Godly way. We thank God for Hope Ministry Partners.” 

    Dr. Malcolm Hughes

    Sanctuary Church, New South Wales
  • “Pastor Daniel’s recent visit to our church was received and embraced as “God timed” and pertinent to where our church is at. He ministered to all our leaders, all of whom were challenged and impacted by the freshness of revelation that Ps Daniel brought. His ministry was accentuated by an evident anointing and clarity of engaging communication. We had a God Visitation. Our church family was blesses, enriched and enlarged by Pd Daniel’s ministry.” 

    Pastor Emmanuel Gullo

    Realife Church
  • Greatly honored by Cambodian Government today at the initiation of the new governor. Given front seat next to senior generals, diplomats, chief of staff Deputy PM, and Consulate General Vietnam. Special thanks to outgoing governor Mr Kousoum Saroeth, deputy governor Mr Oum Reatry and Dean of Humanities Professor Chiv Chiv Sarith. Address given by deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Sar Kheng. All this because we want to help people and show God’s love practically.

    Cambodian Government

  • “Thanks so much for ministering…your words were encouraging and inspiring. The people you and Shane prayed for were absolutely blessed…your prophetic words were spot on …You’re willingness to love, serve and take time with the people was awesome! I think relationship is the the best thing an itinerant ministry can provide to the church…for the people to sense a genuine rapport and the pastor to feel connected – you did both these things on Sunday, as well as a prophetic word in season that challenges, encourages and is Spirit led. You provided all that so thank you. Your experience in pastoring puts a you in a fantastic vantage point to bring a godly perspective to the local context…I think itinerant ministry provides the local church with a refreshing injection of Gods power and purpose. Thanks again for your prophetic word over my life, it is very encouraging that God is using you in this ministry… You’re an inspiration!” 

    Pastor Tepa

    Cross Central in Batemans Bay
  • “Thank you Pastor Daniel for the anointed Word you blessed us with this morning. Your ministry was anointed and straight from the Word.I highly recommend your gifting and prophetic/apostolic mantle and calling to friends in the ministry.Look forward to more meeting with you.Once again and Thank you so much for your ministry this morning. A tremendous Blesding to our church family. Thank you sir!”

    George & Janene Tuu

    Faith Generation Church
  • ​”It was such a blessing to have Daniel Anthony Zelli speak at our fellowship, Marion Vineyard, last weekend. He contacted us, seemingly last minute, but it was truly God’s timing for us all. He obviously sought the Lord, and delivered a word/teaching that was a word in season for our church and was very encouraging. It was also encouraging to spend time with Daniel afterwards to share lunch, lives and prayer. We are truly thankful for his faith and obedience, spelled RISK, to follow the Lord’s prompting wherever that leads him. Thank you again Daniel, much love in Christ, Maria and Toh Ng”

    Maria and Toh Ng

    Marion Vineyard
  • “Had the amazing privilege of spending two incredible days with Ps Daniel Zelli and his co workers Lan and Tin in Hanoi last Thursday and Friday. What an awe inspiring team! There are many who come to places like Vietnam pushing their own agenda and looking to promote their ” ministry”. This is definitely not the case with Ps Daniel!”
    “Just being able to observe how he interacted with local church leaders and other community leaders was a real eye opener for me! It’s not about the self glory or building my own little kingdom, but rather its about the people and the impact on their lives by showing them that they are truly loved and valued by the Father!”
    “I saw first hand the whole gospel being preached to the whole man! Now that’s what it all about. Seeing people’s lives changed for eternity! No flashy delivery, no big fanfare just the simple raw gospel in all its power. One thing that stuck out very clearly to me, was the humility that radiates from Ps Daniel to those he is seeking to work with, he is all about helping them not demanding from them. What a joy to see these leaders grab hold of what can be achieved by working together.”
    “Thursday evening we had the privilege of meeting with the leader of the CMA church in the north and once again I witnessed how through relationships and being connected to the right people how God opens up the doors of opportunities and gives favour. I am reminded that the bible tells us in John 4:35 the very words of Jesus ‘that the fields are ripe for the harvest’. There it is right there! I always find it astounding how God connects like minded people for His purposes. I love how God takes the unloved and the abandoned and gives them eternal purpose for His glory.”
    “What a great joy and privilege to be able to see the driving passion and love for the people of Vietnam being out worked through World Hope Network. Thank you Ps Daniel for including Gina & I in this awesome 2 day encounter! It’s all about partnerships. Our God is the God of extraordinary miracles!” – Patrick Deller – CMA Missionary, Vietnam

    CMA Pastors


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